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Who We Are

The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM) was established to address the increasing public policy threats to America’s market-oriented healthcare system and government-sponsored programs such as Medicare. This includes both systemic single-payer proposals and targeted legislative and regulatory policies that would adversely impact patients, families and taxpayers. In tandem, CASM seeks to promote market-oriented policies to bring about greater competition, transparency and innovation as a means to help bring down the cost of healthcare for all Americans.  

Led by the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC), CASM’s members include leading organizations within the market-oriented advocacy community, as well as nationally known healthcare policy experts.

What We Believe

What CASM Supports

  • Market-oriented healthcare solutions
  • Preservation of the doctor-patient relationship, where the patient, not the government, chooses their doctor
  • Placing primary focus on the needs of individual patients
  • Access to cutting-edge medical treatments and drug therapies
  • Expedited approvals of new cutting-edge drugs and generic alternatives
  • Robust private and public investments in medical research and development
  • A competitive, transparent and affordable private insurance market for patients and families

What CASM Opposes

  • Centralized government-run healthcare
  • Unelected boards making healthcare decisions for patients instead of doctors
  • Access restrictions and price controls that ration medical procedures and drug treatments
  • Bureaucratic mismanagement that stifles medical innovation, drug approvals and patient safety
  • Government mandates that erode incentives for investments in medical research and development
  • Elimination of private insurance, including employer-based coverage, which accounts for over 250 million insured individuals, and consolidation of all freestanding government health programs into one massive federal program

To learn more about the Coalition Against Socialized Medicine or to become a member organization, please contact jackk@conservative.org.

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