Coalition Against Socialized Medicine Releases Statement on Emergency Coronavirus Funding

ALEXANDRIA, VA, ‪March 4, 2020 – The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM), a broad coalition of leading conservative and free-market groups such as the American Conservative Union, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, the National Taxpayers Union, Club for Growth, Citizens Against Government Waste, American Commitment, and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, has issued the following statement on the emergency legislation to combat the U.S. spread of coronavirus attributable to CASM Executive Director Marc Palazzo (

            “Efforts by some legislators on the left to use coronavirus supplemental funding legislation to push an agenda of socialist price controls are shameful. The spread of the coronavirus is a public health threat to America and the world. The current race to develop a vaccine and treatments for this new threat underscores the need to protect and encourage – not hinder – the innovation that enables new cures and saves lives. Our message is simple: the world needs innovation now more than ever, and price controls destroy innovation. Instead of leveraging a potential pandemic to realize a leftist agenda, lawmakers need to stop playing politics with price controls and pass a clean coronavirus funding bill.”