Coalition Against Socialized Medicine Statement on Congressional Democrats’ Latest Drug Price Setting Plan

ALEXANDRIA, VA,‪ November 15, 2021 – The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM), a broad coalition of leading conservative and free-market groups such as the American Conservative Union, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, the National Taxpayers Union, Club for Growth, Citizens Against Government Waste, American Commitment, and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, has issued the following statement on Congressional Democrats’ latest drug price setting plan, attributable to American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp.

“Inserting a last-minute drug price setting “deal” into the Biden Budget Busting inflationary spending scheme will hurt Americans in more ways than one, prices will go up and access to life saving drugs will go down.”

“What this plan would actually do is replace America’s market-based health care system, which has produced innovation that is the envy of the world, with a complicated, top-down, big government approach. To add insult to injury, left-wing politicians would seize any so-called “savings” to pay for their leftists’ wish list including payments to illegal aliens and socialist indoctrination programs. This dangerous proposal would put America one step closer toward socialized healthcare and to becoming a welfare state. Bureaucrats set prices under socialism—not in America.”


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