Five Questions the Leftist Presidential Candidates Must (but won’t) Answer

Ahead of the first debates tonight and tomorrow, we – and the tens of millions of Americans on private health insurance plans – have a few questions for the candidates pushing “Medicare for All.” 

  1.  “Medicare for All” is a dishonest name. Why won’t you tell the 250 million Americans with private health insurance the truth about your proposal – that it will actually eliminate all private health insurance, eliminate Medicare and eliminate Medicare advantage?
  2. What do you say to seniors, who have been paying into Medicare their whole lives? Under your proposal, seniors and retirees who have worked hard and paid into Medicare their whole lives would now have their Medicare benefits stripped away at the stage of their lives when they need them.
  3. Why do you trust the government, rather than patients, to make their healthcare choices for them? Your Medicare for All proposal takes away people’s right to choose their own doctor and leaves it to government bureaucrats to assign them one – if one is even available. Further, it puts the government in charge of choosing treatments for individuals – based on the cost of the treatment rather than its effectiveness.
  4. Socialized healthcare has been a disaster in foreign countries. Why should anyone expect it to be any different here? From long wait times – sometimes months – for routine check-ups and surgeries, to access restrictions for advanced medications, to doctor shortages, everywhere it’s been tried, socialized medicine has been an economic and human disaster. Americans patients are just fine going without the healthcare schemes favored by Cuba, Venezuela, and Greece, thanks.   
  5. Your Medicare for All proposal will cost an estimated $32 trillion, and even doubling the income tax couldn’t pay for it. How do you intend to pay for it, and what do you say to the millions of taxpayers across the country who are already struggling to make ends meet who you would now burden with this new, unfathomably huge financial responsibility? 

Helpful reminder, comrades: you are running for President, not General Secretary.

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