Letter from the Coalition Against Socialized Medicine to the Committee on Ways and Means

Committee on Ways and Means
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

RE: Hearing on “Pathways to Universal Healthcare”

Dear Members of the Ways and Means Committee:

On behalf of the Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM), the free market community, and patients and taxpayers across America, we write to urge you to stand up for our market-oriented healthcare system at tomorrow’s hearing addressing “Pathways to Universal Healthcare.” Increasingly, your colleagues on the far-left are promoting misguided public policy proposals that would destroy America’s current market-based healthcare system and cause tremendous harm to patients, innovation, and the economy. We hope that this hearing will not be another venue for the promotion of disastrous policy cloaked in lofty rhetoric.

Proposals like Medicare for All would outlaw private insurance, create massive government healthcare bureaucracies, and subject all American patients to the types of ineffective socialized medicine systems that have plagued European and socialist countries for decades. Further, proposals such as Medicare for All would impose tremendous costs – $32 trillion, by some estimates – on America’s taxpayers, which even doubling existing tax rates could not pay for.

More targeted proposals would similarly harm patients, families and taxpayers. Many individual regulatory and legislative proposals – from importing foreign price controls to restricting seniors’ access to certain treatments – would set dangerous precedents that future presidents or majorities in Congress could use as the foundational elements to build a massive, government-run, single-payer system that would be imposed on all Americans.

It is critical to America’s patients, taxpayers, and economy that their representatives in Congress oppose such proposals. We hope that at tomorrow’ hearing, Americans can count on you to challenge those who would seek to import the failed, government-run healthcare schemes seen abroad to the to take our nation down the road to socialized medicine. Patients and taxpayers across America will be watching.

We encourage you and members of your staff to follow CASM on Twitter at @SayNo2SocialMed and to sign up for CASM updates at https://nosocializedme.wpenginepowered.com/.

Best regards,
The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine