PRESS RELEASE: Coalition Against Socialized Medicine Reacts to Democratic Presidential Debates

Free Market Leaders Blast Democrats’ Embrace of Socialized Medicine. 

ALEXANDRIA, VA, ‪June 28, 2019 – The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM) and the leaders of several of its member organizations issued responses today to the first Democratic presidential debates in Miami:

American Conservative Union (ACU)

“Radicalized presidential candidates who are pushing dangerous Medicare for All proposals are socialists at heart who will not let destroying our thriving economy or booting millions of Americans off of their existing coverage get in the way of their quest for power,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “Whether it’s merely manipulative pandering sloganeering—or worse, a heartfelt desire to socialize medicine in America—it is not a path patients, caregivers, and taxpayers can afford to go down.”

Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA)

“Medicare for All will give taxpayers sticker shock and leave millions of patients with lower-quality care. This phony fix is no substitute for real reform, which can only come from getting the government out of healthcare instead of more involved,” stated David Williams, President of TPA.

Americans for a Balanced Budget (ABB)

“Medicare for All will kick 250 million Americans off of their private insurance plans and, contrary to its name, would actually eliminate Medicare and replace it with a $32 trillion massive government bureaucracy. As an organization advocating for fiscal responsibility, I can say without hesitation that this is one of the worst policy proposals we’ve ever seen – for both patients and the economy,” responded Dee Stewart, President of ABB.

Center for Innovation and Free Enterprise (CIFE)

“Medicare for All would be disastrous for medical innovation, patients, and the economy alike. Socialized healthcare doesn’t work abroad, and it certainly won’t work here,” said Ginevra Joyce-Myers, Executive Director of CIFE. “We must do all we can to defeat these and other threats to our free enterprise system.”


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