PRESS RELEASE: Coalition Against Socialized Medicine Statement on the Second Democratic Presidential Debate

ALEXANDRIA, VA, ‪July 30, 2019 – The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM), a broad coalition of leading conservative and free-market groups such as the American Conservative Union, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, the National Taxpayers Union, Club for Growth, Citizens Against Government Waste, American Commitment, and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, has issued the following statement on the second Democratic presidential debate in Detroit attributable to CASM Executive Director Marc Palazzo (

“It is alarming to see candidates on the far left continue to push socialist healthcare proposals like Medicare for All, which a sham; its true name would be something along the lines of “The Elimination of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and All Private Insurance Act of 2019.” Whether it’s socialist Sen. Sanders’ proposal, which he freely admits outlaws all private insurance and kicks 250 million Americans off their plans at a cost of $32 trillion, or the dishonest proposals of Vice President Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris, they all will take our country to the same place: full-scale socialized medicine. It’s just a question of how long and which road they take to get us there.

The American people don’t want their private, employer, or union-provided health plans taken away from them. They don’t want Washington choosing their doctors for them. They don’t want foreign bureaucrats setting prices here in America through price control schemes. Seniors don’t want the rug pulled out from under them with the plans they’ve paid into their whole lives suddenly taken away. As multiple polls have now shown, the more voters learn the facts about these plans, the more concerned they are.”

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