PRESS RELEASE: The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM) Pushes Back on Socialized Medicine Amid Ways & Means Committee Hearing

CASM speaks out against radical policies aimed to turn America’s healthcare system into a socialist bureaucracy

ALEXANDRIA, VA, ‪June 12, 2019 – Today, as Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee – in a hearing titled “Pathways to Universal Healthcare” – promote dangerous, misguided policy ideas that would ultimately introduce socialized medicine in America, the Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM) is speaking out in defense of America’s market-oriented healthcare system. CASM, a broad coalition of leading free market organizations and health policy experts, is working to educate the public and aggressively oppose all efforts to introduce the failed socialized medicine systems seen in foreign countries into the United States.

Proposals such as “Medicare for All,” being pushed by hard left presidential hopefuls and embraced by their Democrat colleagues in Congress, will bring great harm to patients, families, and taxpayers. Further, many individual regulatory and legislative proposals – from importing foreign price controls to restricting seniors’ access to certain treatments – would set dangerous precedents that future presidents or majorities in Congress could use as the foundational elements to build a massive, government-run, single-payer system that would be imposed on all Americans.

It is essential for the public to understand the disastrous impacts socialized medicine would have on all American citizens. It would abolish private health insurance, which means more than 250 million Americans would lose their existing plans. It would also create massive new government healthcare bureaucracies, long wait times, stifle pharmaceutical innovation, and, at $32 trillion, would cost so much that even doubling tax rates couldn’t pay for it. And the list goes on and on.

Today’s hearing is just one more venue for the far left to push their radical socialized medicine agenda on America under the guise of soft-sounding names like “Medicare for All.” 

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