Tell Oklahoma Legislators to Say NO to Drug Pricing Schemes and Socialized Medicine!

The time for action is now! Make sure your voice is heard by your elected state representatives.

Nancy Pelosi couldn’t get her socialized medicine price-setting schemes passed through Congress in Washington, so now the left is trying to jam it through state by state, starting with Oklahoma.

Prescription drug price-setting schemes mean less innovation and reduced access to medicines for patients. In the last eight years, almost 300 new drug formulas were launched worldwide. Of those, 90 percent were made available in the United States, 60 percent were available in the U.K., 50 percent were available in Japan, and less than half (44 percent) were available in Canada.

Foreign drug price-setting schemes would severely impact the pipeline of innovative life-saving treatments, including new therapies for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic conditions, that are only available in the U.S.

Tell your Oklahoma representatives that you oppose legislation imposing foreign, access-killing price-setting schemes and new big-government taxes on your medicines.