Socialism Has No Friend in the White House

| Coalition Against Socialized Medicine

President Trump’s State of the Union address last night has the entire country talking. It was filled with optimism, touching stories of personal endeavor and achievement, and most importantly, an… Read More

Socialism Strikes Back

| Wall Street Journal

Before many Sanders voters were born, I saw his ideology in action in the Soviet Union and Britain. Read More

What (sane) People are Saying About the Iowa Caucus

| Coalition Against Socialized Medicine

Far-left liberal presidential candidates seek a wholesale takeover of America’s healthcare system, but have just proven they cannot even run their own caucus in Iowa! Here’s a quick roundup of… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Statement on the Seventh Democratic Debate

| Coalition Against Socialized Medicine

ALEXANDRIA, VA, ‪January 14, 2019 – The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM), a broad coalition of leading conservative and free-market groups such as the American Conservative Union, Heritage Action,… Read More